Seeing Stars!

Seeing Stars!

When I was a little girl, we moved around a whole lot. No matter where we lived, I always had a habit of finding my way outside to lie under the stars. It was the only time the world felt familiar. The stars were always there. Many a summer evening was spent looking up from a field of sheep or on a warm tin roof cooling from the summer sun, looking for familiar patterns. Occasionally, when I was lucky, I would witness one shoot across the sky. I love that these leggings capture the sky I remember. The sky during the many years of moving motivated me to keep going, find adventures, take risks, and be be more. The way my rides continue to inspire me today. 

There are lots of things about many leggings I love and these have all of those favorite things! I love the yoga waistband that stays up no matter what I am wearing them for. They never fade, they never shrink, and they are NEVER see through (unless my booty starts to get bigger than the size I ordered...oops...yes, that happens). They feel as though I'm wearing nothing at all and that is fantastic for my long rides on my Peloton!

With amazing comfort, fantastic construction, elasticity that doesn't give out, and incredible softness (your significant other may NOT be able to keep hands off...just a warning) you MUST give these a try.

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